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This is well said and a must see: Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

March 2, 2015. I'm entering more obituaries and making website updates. Also made changes to the markers on the cemetery map. Apparently some of the cemeteries were not designated on the map with the numbered markers. Hopefully all of the cemetery markers are appearing. Please email me to the address shown on the contact page.

September 3, 2014. Please note I have a new email address. The sheer quantity of spam emails was ridiculous. When emailing me, please DO NOT include my email address as part of a bulk email or blind carbon copy. Any emails to me containing other people's email addresses will be deleted and any questions or comments will be ignored. No exceptions!

Please remember to check footnotes on all information posted. They may answer some of your questions. If you still believe something is incorrect, then let me know.

If you find a broken link or missing photograph where it appears there should be one, please let me know.

I have made a new Family Group Sheet form. This new form is web based and should work fine. Please see the Submit Your Family Information page for information and the link. This is my preferred method of receiving family information updates.

Please check this site to see if you have unclaimed property in the Illinois State Treasurer's office. I know a few of the Weidner's in here are deceased so the surviving family members might be able to file a claim. Good luck.

If you need documents from the Illinois State Archives please contact Molly Kennedy. I have used her services many times since 2006. She is dependable, reliable, and fast turnaround!

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